Intrigued about Corda? Look no further — a compendium of learning resources to take you from novice to specialist.

Like many Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), Corda is nascent, burgeoning and quickly taking advanced market share — particularly in financial & capital markets. To understand why, check out my article on Choosing an Enterprise Blockchain.

Some notable heavyweights currently working with Corda include Nasdaq, SIX (SDX), HSBC, and B3i as well as numerous consortiums such as Marco Polo and Contour. …

Like every nascent technology, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will ensure a paradigm shift across a number of industries — providing incredible cost savings, efficiency gains, and collaborative efforts from incumbents and startups alike.

A large majority of the publicity and documentation surrounding DLT tends to focus on it’s novel techniques, and rightly so. For the first time in history, we are beginning to solve the problems of siloed business networks and proprietary software armed with industry data standards and development collaboration.

However, to really propel existing industries and business processes forward with modern software, we must understand and accept our…

From the months of May — July, Ivno and R3 partnered to demonstrate how instant, collateral-backed tokens could profoundly transform capital markets and the incumbent financial systems.

We were fortunate to be joined by 28 financial organisations including 18 banks and 3 securities exchanges who share our vision.

The Trial was successful, with sub-second transaction times and $18bn in Trial tokens created and transacted within a live, production-parity environment. …

Twenty-eight organisations including eighteen banks, three securities exchanges, and other large institutions participate in global tokenised collateral trial

Ivno & R3 partnered for the Trial

Ivno announces the successful completion of the first global token trial on R3’s Corda, hosted on Microsoft Azure.

The Ivno Corda Trial was a world first with 28 participating organisations creating $18bn denominated Trial Tokens and transferred them in the Ivno network demonstrating how instantly mobile collateral tokens could be used for instant settlement, collateral management and effective cash transfer. …

The year is 2008. Subprime mortgages have just started a chain reaction that would send shockwaves through the global economy, creating the worst recession in history.

It would claim some scalps, and force Western governments to intervene — pumping trillions of dollars into the economy to prevent banking systems around the world from total collapse.

“September and October of 2008 was the worst financial crisis in global history, including the Great Depression”
- Ben Bernanke, Former head of the Federal Reserve.

Chain Reaction

Before the financial crisis, the U.S credit system had total debt liabilities of around $53 trillion. Bank liquidity at…

The current state of Blockchain

For those of you familiar with Gartner’s hype cycle, it will be immediately clear where Blockchain as an emerging technology resides, and in turn where it is headed.

2017 saw heady heights for the Crypto space (Peak of Inflated Expectations), followed in 2018 by a descent only seen in nascent, emerging asset classes where volatility is generally at it’s highest.
There is perhaps an argument to say this caused irreparable damage within the Blockchain industry — proponents of this view should think again.

With any ‘peak’, there will always be those seeking to prey on others, promising a quick buck…

Ryan Gledhill

CTO of Ivno, a Corda-based collateral token solution. Blockchain-obsessive, Ethereum wizard.

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